Sally’s Pez. 

This artwork was a very big deal for me … I had promised my friend Sally a portrait of her oldest horse Perry .. aka “Pez” .. over 13 years ago  when she helped me take my mare to a stallion .. since then .. that part of my life has lived and died .. she also helped me to bury that part of my life when it was required and without judgement or pressure .. has always been there for me. 

Then she recently turned 40 and it was time to get this portrait sorted …  she needed spoiling. 

As I created this out of wool I came to the realization that these amazing things sometimes take a long time … for a reason .. I could not draw the background … in the drawings I usually don’t do backgrounds (they are so time consuming and BORING)  but I couldn’t see this piece without it so the universe made me WAIT .. until my abilities matched my ambition .. something that happens to me a lot !!

This needle felted background took about 2hours (very quick in my books) the whole piece was fast … only 4 solid days .. my 3D pieces take forever … don’t forget I’m still learning too !!

Anyway you all know I want to share my process with you and as I was constantly comparing this in my camera (the quickest way to expose mistakes) I am happy to say I have plenty of revealing pics .. so I hope I inspire you to have a go .. if you have any questions just ask.

First I made a greyscale copy of my photo in the size I want the portrait … this is my pattern.

This is my attempt at the drawing 13 years ago.

My favourite part of any artwork!

Ready to go .. traced onto a piece of calico .. remember this line is on the outside of your shape so be vigilant about staying inside this traced line or your horse will end up fatter 😉

Put your background under your horse a bit. 
My fave needle … a single size 32 with a homemade handle that fits my fingers.

Adding the core wool and building it up.

Using the outside of your “pattern” check your boundaries. 

Working on his face.

I have a whole bag of little woolen balls (I make them to demonstrate to clients .. how long it takes) there were two that worked perfect for eye balls. 

Compare compare compare .. I love this app from Instagram!

I use marbles in eye sockets to needle against as a resist.  Colour the eyeballs with wool and pop them in.

At this point I pinned him down to my foam as this stops my needling  from pulling the work in. 
Then I take pics from all angles to expose mistakes .. I can’t recommend this enough !!

I wanted very strong ears so I used core first (I don’t normally make them this thick but they are going to be touched a lot) needle colour onto them and them wet felted on a hot water bottle .. then needled again. 

Then I cut the ears to size and teased out the edges with a broken needle … I love my broken ones 😁

Then I furred the ears using my triple size 40 tool this is also my finishing tool (with homemade handle from “Ploymorph”

 The furring of his neck using my pattern to stay on track.

Using my pattern I get the headcollar and leadrope done and in the right place … twisting and plaiting before needling down. 

I also did some stitching down and through the foamcore he is mounted onto .. I don’t want those eyes or ears to move at all.

Then I did something completely RANDOM and sprayed him with some Westart sealer .. because I could not work out how to present him to her with those ears poking out .. so he is now quite solid and touchable .. maybe even a light vacuum wouldn’t hurt.

Finally … using my very own sparkle strands (grey hair) I sewed them into his muzzle for that finalé of effect !!! A teeny bit of super glue holding them in place.  So there’s no escaping my DNA being in there after all the blood aswell … puts a new slant on throwing myself into my art 😂💦
I tried to put a signature on there and sought loads of valuable advice from my peers but ended up not signing it as I found it was too distracting .. I signed the drawing and the back of the piece. Yes it was that easy to pull off a piece that goes wrong 😝

​Here is a little film of him .. sorry about the sound. 

Ta dahhhhhh !! Yes I blew myself away too … go on give it a go .. Needle Felting is therapeutic and addictive .. Acupuncture for the soul … Rx




Oh to be a creator !! Such an amazing feeling .. Art is one of the most important forms of therapy. After creating Children I feel art is my most important calling. I can’t explain the feeling I get when I create something aesthetically pleasing .. It’s like a drug and I can’t get enough !!

I just keep pushing myself to higher hieghts .. Taking on bigger personal challenges and blowing myself away more and more .. My head is overflowing with ideas and my eyes are brimming with inspiration .. I have only one life and must share this … So here is a pictorial of the creation of this beautiful MAN .. Enjoy and be inspired ❤️ Rx  

First of all .. Thank you Google Images .. Print it out and trace it with a Heat Transfer pencil .. Onto a piece fabric (I used some upolstory fabric I had in my stash) 

NOTE .. Be aware this gives you a mirror image which can be confusing .. PRINT TWO .. Flip one in editing for transfer and use the other for your guide whist working! 

 Try to put down what’s going to be “behind” first 😉 and get going !! Hate to say it but start stabbing.

Those lips !!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I tried this bit of hair to see if it would work and then went down and worked from the bottom up because that all had to be under the hair. 

I didn’t take a lot of pics of his tunic .. It was very late and I just wanted to get it done so I could get to the good bit (his hair) but I laid a dark colour down and then covered it with the pale .. I only realized after finishing that I was doing a mirror image .. No wonder I was confused (especially on his neck) will fix it now.

My needles …  Apoxy Sculpt for handles … Made to fit my fingers .. The biggest one is my 32 needle from Fusion Fibre .. My favorite needle !! .. The other faves are a triple is 36 and a single 38.

His hair is just mixed straight merino roving which I attached at the roots and then separated twirled and stabbed to secure .. Almost Dreadlocky ☺️

Then I took hundreds of photos and picked it to pieces … I was challenged by what I hadn’t remembered was a mirror image. 

I printed and prepared this almost a year ago .. I just needed the skills ☺️ 

The photos don’t do HIM justice! Mostly it’s how HE makes me FEEL❤️ I’m sure I will “have” to fix some things before I sell him  … And don’t even start me on what to charge for HIM 😩 

I will have HIM professionally framed first. Box frame I reckon … Rx


Learning to Needle Felt by watching the Internet is thwarted with danger .. It means I have to guide myself .. Joining groups helps to feed my inspiration however there is a plethora of mega talented artists to feed the demon within who will tease me and taunt me about my lack of skills.  No matter how much success I have I find myself needing to be as good as ……  Comparing myself to …… Listening to the negative Demon when I have a strong knowledge of my ability and years of proof that my skills are inherited and naturally occurring !

Many artists will tell you they are their own worst critics .. So how do we battle this demon … It would explain the need to “escape” ones internal dialogue by ways of intoxication but really all we need to do is keep pushing forward with ideas and experiments. 

After living with this demon for 53 odd years .. I feel I am some what of an expert on the subject. I have learned to wrestle the demon to the ground and hold it there with my foot while I just give something a go … I’ve uncovered my neediness when it comes to reassurance about my ability .. And most of all (and it’s still a struggle) I have learned to block other people’s opinions of me and my ability (except the good ones of course) because it’s really none of my business what they think. 

This all said I’m still essentially a delicate creature when it comes to ME ..  One of the most challenging artistic necessities I have encountered is quantifying my efforts with monetary value.  

It takes all the fun out of anything .. Unless you are greedily snapping up heaps of it .. Then that numbs the agony .. But generally most artists will tell you they have to undervalue themselves in order to survive doing what they have been put on this earth to do!!  

NOT TRUE .. We undervalue ourselves in order to please the masses … The masses of zero artistic ability !! Oh sure, everyone has their own skills .. For some it’s crunching numbers … I will guarantee if you need your numbers crunched .. It’s gonna cost you !! 

How do we get past this modern tendency to devalue our skilled craftsmen and artists ? We stand together … We learn to value ourselves .. I would rather gift one of my creations to an avid fan I have never met .. Than to devalue it and risk devaluing all of the other craftsmen along with me because if I do it .. What chance has another artist trying to fight their inner demons.  

I’m especially sympathetic to those whom weren’t blessed with as much abilty as others but still want to carve out their little niché in the world of creation. Especially when it takes these individuals even more blood, sweat and TEARS  to achieve an outcome. 

So the time has come my creative mentors and peers .. To stand with our heads held high and accept the money that belongs to us … Because we have EARNED IT .. No other reason .. Just that … Rx 

Fantastic Claytastic !!

This stuff is AMAZING !!! It can be purchased from Play ‘n’ Create and comes in a huge range of 24 colours which can then be mixed to increase that list even further. 


It also comes in these large tubs and can be painted with acrylics and water colours … Experimentation is still under way … 

I have been playing with this wonderful odorless, non toxic and incredibly tactile product for a little over a fortnight now and some of my results have been jaw dropping. 

  The paw pads and the nose of this Needle Felted Kitten are soft and fleshy .. Yet strong and durable .. The Claytastic stuck straight onto the wool with a little craft glue and then the wool was able to be felted into the Claytastic edge … It air dries very strong over a 24 hour period. It is rather like a very tough marshmallow. 
I also made some little teeny things to see how durable it is (it’s really very strong) naturally it can be pulled apart or cut but you would have to intend to do it.  

 All of these pieces have wire inside them .. The little hands have fuse wire in each finger and so they open and close .. The eye balls have been painted with watercolour pencils and then sealed with three coats of clear nail varnish .. I will use these in a creation soon. 

The filament around the toadstool stem is really fine … And strong … It sticks to itself really well even once dry you can go back and reapply more and it sticks very well.  

So I decided to see if I could needle felt straight into it .. I had a feeling I could …  

 So I made a little skull shape and allowed it to dry .. It worked !! It holds the wool exceptionally well and has a bit of a memory so closes around the wool as you withdraw the needle.  I am so inspired and can see so much potential for this medium.  

 So it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend you contact Play ‘n’ Create and get yourself some of this amazing goop … Get your kids involved .. It’s aged 3 and up .. It is the most sophisticated play dough I’ve ever used and I’m positive you will have success with it … Rx


For the love of Koffee

  Meet Koffee … She is the much loved elderly fur child of a friend of mine … She was rescued late in life and has been in a very good paddock ever since, as we can clearly see!   I’m told she spends most of her time in this position … No surprises considering that undercarriage.  

I had never met Koffeie but heard lots about her and decided that it was the project for me when faced with the task of finding the perfect   60th birthday gift for her mum. 

It was a very big learning curve making individual toes. Using the reverse needle and crafting tiny air dry Fimo nails all for the first time … And it was all worth the entire week it took me to create this amazing 3D version of her majesty. 

Here is a pictorial representation of that process in hope that I will inspire you to just give it a go. 

  Using the photos on my laptop I created an armature to match her proportions.   Using some core wool I started to build out the shape referring  to my computer reference often to stay on track.   Making sure to keep it even on both sides. Photographs are very helpful for spotting problem areas so I take heaps from all angles.   Using some of my hand dyed and processed Merino I cover the legs and body to neaten up the core wool.  Then it was time for some colour. 

  And a head. 

 And some eyes (glued in) And put some more wool over them    Then toes (rolled on a Toothpick) 

   I put the grey pads on first so there was something to felt the toes to.  

I just kept stabbing them from all angles until they were the size I wanted. 

   Some grey around the eyes to suggest eyelids. 
   Using my thumbnail as a resist I made the top jowls.  
 Then the nose and muzzle.  

    Then ears … These ears turned out too small and rounded so I added a whole lot more as you will see later 
    Reverse needle work and then I trimmed it back short. The white from underneath came through and gave her a grey shimmer … Had I planned this move I would have laid down some black also as that would have added to the coat even more. Wires ready for air dry Fimo nails. 

 Made from white .. I then coloured the pale nails with a combo of fawn, pink (the vien) and grey underneath. Watercolours pencils worked a treat.  Black for the dark nails 

   Then I threaded the wire (fuse wire) into a needle, cut a hole in the front of the toe and pulled the nails into place using a little craft glue to secure them and the wire to pull them tight and fold the wire over to hold it while it dried. 
   I also sewed the foot nice and tight so they would cope with handling. Cut off the excess wire nice and close. Then with tiny bits of white I needled more hair on top and around each nail making it appear to be in the toe  
 I did try some whiskers but they didn’t look right in real life so no whiskers on the finished girl.  

 Final photo shoot on her royal blue fabric .. Fully pose-able (apart from that unbend-able belly) and full of personality.   In her favorite position  with nails 

 and with out.

   As you can see the nails made a huge difference .. Without them her paws were more cat like.  
 With her real likeness … When I met Koffee I felt like I already knew her … I miss her little highness looking at me from my work bench but the joy her mum is experiencing has made it all a very wonderful experience .. Not to mention the knowledge I gained on the journey … Rx 


Won’t power !!

Many people have told me over my lifetime that the key to changing our behavior is “Will Power” … Well I’m standing on my soap box and declaring it wrong !! 

Won’t Power is the secret … I won’t do that anymore!! Then you are free to explore what you will do ..  But until you have mastered that Won’t Power you are bound to be  behind the eight ball. 

For me personally it has been a battle to say NO to the needle … This addiction has seen me ruin my poor left thumb (Lefty) and the healing process is gonna be a long one … No more 3D for a long time I think … Mean while I have experimented with 2D … And still caught myself 3Ding it 😩

I’m an addict .. Self confessed … What to do now ??  

While I work it out … Here are some of my recent adventures for inspiration and NO I WON’T be finishing them .. They are only experiments and I won’t overdo it … I WON’T !!!! 

This one was just a rose drawing from Free Google Art.  This is a horse I made a while back and I NF’ed the facial features and flowers straight onto him … They also pulled off with a little effort and left no damage to the fabric .. I was very impressed with this.   I also tried to felt into a teacup (painted cup by my Nan) to see if I could do 3D without too much responsibility for Lefty but then I had a lapse and made a mouse to sit in it … Bad move … Set Lefty back again when I was in the zone 😩 no I WON’T be finishing it!  Then I hit the jack pot … Going with a less detailed and more suggestive style I knocked this boy out in no time with little pain to dear old Lefty … Yay ☺️   But while I was on this high I was unable to stop at that .. I eagerly ignored my better judgement and my Won’t Power and forged on to try this with my new Kid mohair locks from Bilby Yarns and all that core and colour !!!   Yep … You guessed it … Flogged poor Righty now … Looks like teaching this art form is going to be my only option soon .. So for now .. I won’t be NFing. 

Fortunately this is definitely an option … Having been invited impromptu to the Balingup Small Farm Field Day last weekend I was afforded the opportunity to share my NF journey with other crafty people … The response was amazing … So many are keen for lessons .. This is my aim of course as I love to inspire people to create.  

I made a couple of blanket berets and sold one, which was a Kool surprise and came home so empowered about my direction.    

  Because I couldn’t waste the circle of blanket I cut from the inside of the beret .. I had to “make” something out of it !! 

This little fox beret was sold on the day ☺️  I met June from Bilby Yarns and received my order of needles, foam, core wools, colours and locks so I can get classes underway. 

Now for my insurance and business plan … So office work it is for a while .. Yuk … Wish me luck.

Until then I have temporarily framed my favorite piece and can’t stop looking at him … Hope he gives me strength in that office .. Rx  

Slave to withdraws.

This experimental addiction of mine has sent me on a quest to waste nothing and use up all this stuff (cause I need more room for creations) and after finding myself throwing two entire merino fleeces into food dye just to “get rid of it all” … I think I’ve only used the 2011 and 2012 fleeces anyway …. I set off on a journey of colour.

For a good week my King said nothing about the stench of boiling sheep wool as I tossed raw fleece into the many cauldrons on my farmhouse stove he just smiled at the little witch removing these amazing and magical colours … I used a gel food coloring I had from cake decorating store and a couple of powdered food dyes (yellow”saffron” and brown) and two Dylon dyes “black and purple”.. I created a whole range of organic and vibrant tones. 

My house was covered and I was so excited to process some so I look a little of each and when I was finished I had this amazing pile of rubbish which I decided to wet felt (what have I got to lose aye) I kept the sunny colours up the top and the earthy colours down the bottom with the pinky blues in the middle then at the last minute chucked a couple of randoms “wherever they landed” and this is what I achieved. 

Then I turned it over and to my surprise I had forged a landscape and sunset!

Well that’s what I can see anyway 😝 … So this was the back or the bottom of what I had laid out … Interesting .. I am learning so much and I love letting go of control and listening to the wool but this wool has taken me over!

All of this addictive behavior has managed to overload my slave. This is my left hand … As I am right handed. Don’t get me wrong my right arm is suffering but the poor old lefty is almost broken from holding!

You see its Lefty’s job to “hold” everything securely for Righty to do his thing! To make things worse R is a bully and makes L do everything when he is exhausted. 

Consequently the straw that broke it was a piece of wood into the fire. It was enuff to finish L’s career as the holder of R’s creations and has seen me with L strapped and medicated on anti-inflams for the past week. But in saying this here is what they achieved as a team. Inspired and driven by all this new colour … Like any devoted addict would after a history of white we collectively abused oneself and each other .. Here’s hoping Lefty gets better soon. 


Little porky pictured with poor Lefty. 

Another washed and wet felted armature (because it’s easier than stabbing) in preparation of a bear cub.

  More work on my giraffe. 

Loads of stove cleaning!!! The stove had its very own dedicated sponge😝

A little lesson piece I would like to teach (note the condition of Lefty is deteriorating here) little feet did not help!  

Then this little guy just begged to be made from the mechanics of an ugly “koala clip” 

And the contest between the clip and L declared a down tools in this house.

I am a goner .. I am a full blown addict .. There’s no hope for me now, I can’t turn back now but today Lefty is in charge and I take care (forcing back the call of the needle) to read a book instead and only blog to remind myself not to become a slave to withdrawals … Sunny days ahead I’m sure … My book is good … Rx 



Today I have made myself STOP. I am appreciating how far I have come .. So many new followers .. Thank you for appreciating me. Today I am at one of those “in between” stages which can be so frustrating. So I’m going to approach it from my favorite angle. 

To bring you up to speed I have been experimenting again. How to make a lion cubs body ?? 

All I know is, as much as I love stabbing, my arms are gonna run out of “oompf” soon. 

Here’s my cheating solution and I’m very happy with the result. I can see past this stage as I have an amazing  imagination. But it is still frustrating to enforce PATIENCE upon myself. It is frustrating having to listen to myself telling me to STOP. 

Time for dishes cleaning and food shopping 😱

My angle on this is to inspire you!!

See what you can knock up quickly out of your art room and be inventive. 

Most of all enjoy your stabbing and creating .. Rx 

 Using the little lion at the top as a reference (off google) I started rolling up fiber fill out of a pillow. Wrapping it as tight as I could and trussed it with some strong wool. Then I just tore off a strip of it and wrapped again .. Tucking the ends in as I rolled and keeping it really firm and trussing again.   

 To give you some perspective 

  Wrap again and truss again.

  This time I left the neck, belly, hips and back legs soft and I trussed. The front area was a bit big so I tried to compress it down as much as I could and squash the whole thing in from both ends. 

So off into my art room I go looking for really strong wool .. That stuff pictured above kept snapping as I trussed.

I found this circular piece of knitting I had done for an “experiment” years ago  .. Haha don’t throw anything away!!

It went around the body really snug and then I laced it over the top and under the belly … Now it was really secure and VERY SOLID.  

I still couldn’t justify using any “good wool” though as I wash and dye my own … Carding with two dog brushes … Big job 

But I have plenty of raw fleece so I stabbed (tacked with a 36 needle) on some raw merino fleece .. Why not ???  

Then I placed the whole thing in an old stocking and trussed it and washed it by hand in my sink. Lots of lovely hand soap and hot water.. Wet felted … Rubbed and scrubbed and then several rinsing later put it into my front load washing machine and spun it. Then set it to dry in front of the fire by night and in the sun by day for as long as it took … Not long at all as it was so compact the water didn’t really penetrate far. This is how it looked after washing and then I covered the top side with processed merino and it now looks like this (didn’t bother with the underside .. He still has to be coloured) … I just wanted to see how well it all came up.   

I have to say it was very successful.  

And it smells divine .. Very solid feltable surface all ready for colour.  

Not sure about the neck area yet but if it doesn’t work I’ll cut it off!  

NOTE: see how I made his head in my other blog “My Little Lion”

Needle Felted Toothless Dragon. 

As you can see I had a lot of fun with this one. This is my cat “Fish” .. Clearly Toothless was confused😂

Now I had black NFing wool there was no stopping me … I had a very special 11 year old Austistic boy who loves “How to train your Dragon” movies. 

Again I did anything in order to achieve the look I needed and the strength required for copious cuddling. I used blanket stitch around the wings and did a lot of sewing to make sure he stood up to the test of LOVE. 

 Here’s my process … Enjoy .. Rx



My Little Lion. 

My Needle Felting has really taken me on some amazing journeys of self discovery but none more than this little project.

This journey sees me letting go of my perfectionism and allowing the wool to “speak” to me as I work it. I used photos from google of real lion cubs and trust me I am no where near the mark when I compare my little guy to the picture I was using but that just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things … The uniqueness and charisma of this one little face has convinced me.

So with that in mind I want everyone to achieve their own version of success at this craft and remember it’s ART .. There are no rules. Enjoy .. Rx I saw this method on line so do not claim it as my brilliant idea but it made so much sense I had to try it. I wish I could remember where I saw it because I would just post that picture and pay homage to the artist but you get the idea .. I made a disc of felt in a cookie cutter. These eyes seemed too close so I pulled them apart. Love the giving nature of wool 😊 

 This picture (off google) was helpful too. Photos are too busy with information we have to train our eyes to see layers and pixels and then recreate them one at a time until you finish.

A picture like this one simplifies the shape because if you get the shape nailed you are home and hosed.   Eyes and nose from a soft toy, I’m huge on recycling and cheating.   They had a plastic disc (which I cut, peeled off and replaced) but I have wired, glued and sewn eyes in … Do whatever it takes !!!! Then I attached this face to a rolled up ball of old wool because I can’t deal with the slow process of building up a ball of core and wool is precious.  There was a lot of this stage and working in white was very boring but I just kept pushing .. I think the hardest part of this art is getting past some of the bizarre looking “before” moments. I feel that all you need to know is that this is normal .. Keep stabbing.           You can see my ball of wool disappearing !!

I tried to keep everything even and did both sides of his face at the same time .. I also kept taking pictures as the camera tells the truth.
The original nose had a bit of a furry texture to it so that created tooth for my paint and made painting it easy.   Photos do help you identify issues of eveness .. I recommend doing it for your own sake .. I went rouge at this point and did one side of his face … I suffered … couldn’t remember how I had done that one side and didn’t take pictures either.  You can see the eye and muzzle on the right of the picture, is all felted down and smaller.  Eye lashes … Black wool trimmed back. You can also see how I have glued some wool (cut edge) down the front,  top edge of his nose and then taken the other ends up the nose and felted them on.  Then I went back to core and stated building out the shape of his head.     Then covered it with colour and compared it to one of my  reference photos. The angle of these whisker points gave me a little trouble but I just kept comparing the “shapes” till I got it  closer. Still looks odd with out his ears!!

Push on (what have you got to lose) I sewed the muzzle like you would a teddy for final defenition.  Then the ears .. The paper is just a template to hold up to the project to see if I hit the mark with size and shape. Once I was happy with this I transposed these two shapes onto my foam and simply filled it in with layers of wool.  A solid amount of intermediate colour would be first to get the shape. Stab it onto the foam and into the shape.     Then the inside darkness.  I rubbed them with my flat palm while they were attached to the foam then pulled them off, turned them over and swapped sides (to keep shape) to put the back colour on.

While I have them off I put on my leather finger guards (which I made) and pressed the ear together and felt it between my fingers. This squeezing and needling helps create a good edge.

Rubbing them between my warm palms also helps to bring stuff together .   With this top layer I want to take the colour over the ears edge on top and sides  and have attachment fibers at the bottom.  Felt around the sides and top of the ear with a kind of drag and lock motion being VERY careful not to break your needle. Hold the wool with your other hand  Don’t stab straight into the foam .. Lock the fibers around and into the lovely edge you have made and stab along with the needle on the side and with the fibers down toward the bottom edge of the ear gently and only to secure it.

Then turn them over and bring that colour forward and around the outside edge. Leave the bottom loose. Using the same sideways technique … Rub between your palms being careful of your attachment fibers (don’t wanna felt them yet). Then I made that little bit of skin on the inside edge where the ear goes a bit funny … I think this is the detail that tells our brain it is “life-like”.. I should have made these together but who knew the first one would be so good !!  The second one was a lot thicker and ironing the ears (carefully) would flatten them more but it was now 3.30 am and I was pushing myself. After all it’s just an experiment … Right ??  Pinned on you can’t notice the left ear being thicker … Letting go is so liberating.  Put some inside inner ear fluff on .. Taking notice of the direction of the hair. Attached ears to head by stabbing them on. And some outer colour to the back of the ear to really secure them and give that hooded shape from the side … I haven’t done that bit yet and will blog that later.

Then take lots of photos to indulge yourself in some self admiration .. Go on … I dare you .. Just keep stabbing .. Enjoy … Rx